News From the Field

Howdy blogger friends! News From the Field is where the 10 Things Team will post info bits and tips for you to peruse during your 10 Things journey. Think of this space as that stop along the tollway where you grab a snack, wander through the gift shop, buy a box of peanut brittle, and browse the massive rack of travel brochures for places like Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the Port Everglades Alligator Farm while you wait for your party to come out of the restroom.

The 10 Things Team will randomly post information about bugs we've discovered and are in the process of trying to fix, bugs YOU'VE discovered and reported to us for attention, tips for using some of the online tools we'll be exploring, where the Cubs are in the playoffs... you get the idea. It's basically a place for us to share those little discoveries we all stumble upon while working together on the 10 Things.

  • Have you heard? We're having a party! (29 Oct 2007-rs)

  • The Flickr Thing, revisited: A limited number of digital cameras are available for staff to use and play with on Thing 5. Please contact Jennifer, Rich, Ruth, or Toby to check out a camera. (18 Oct 2007-rs)

  • OOPS... I broke the blog! It appears that I inadvertently deleted links to staff blogs that begin with the letters R through Z. Sorry about that. I will replace them today. In fact, I'll start right now! (11 Oct 2007-rs)
    WHEW! FIXED! If you don't see your blog listed, please notify the 10 Things Team.

  • The Flickr Thing: If you want to go back to see all of the Flickr photos that have been uploaded to the 10 Things account, but don't want to upload more of your own, you don't need to log in with the username and password. Simply go to and view to your heart's content. (9 Oct 2007-jpb)

  • HEARD IN THE HALL: "Everybody, everywhere you go, is typing like mad... just like the kids. It's so cool." (4 Oct 2007-rs)

  • Please note that the 10 Things Drop-in Session calendar has changed. Beginning October 9 all sessions that were scheduled for 12:00-2:00pm have been rescheduled for 9:30-11:30am. The dates remain the same and the sessions will still meet in the Youth Services Computer Lab. If you have the schedule posted in your department, please note the time changes. (3 Oct 2007-rs)

  • If you use the "chat with us" window in the right margin of every 10 Things page, consider changing the nickname from "meeboguest123456" to your name. Just click on "edit nickname," delete the "meeboguest" name, and type your name. This is especially important if you leave us an offline message when we're not available to chat with you online. Offline messages are delivered to us when we log in. If we don't know who the message is from, then we can't follow up and answer your question. We're still trying to find meeboguest320596 to offer some assistance... if you're out there, come find one of us! (1 Oct 2007-rs)

  • Yes, it's true. Internet Explorer is a hungry browser. Most recently, it ate the number 3 from the DO section of Thing 2: RSS and Feed Readers. There really is a Step 3... it begins with the Google Reader graphic and the sentence "It's time to start adding subscriptions!" We're trying to fix it, but the missing number 3 shouldn't hinder your 10 Things progress. (1 Oct 2007-rs)

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