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A note about blog entries: When you write a new post, be sure to put a title in the "Title" space, above the box where you compose your post. If there's no title in the Title space, people who subscribe to your blog via RSS will see a blank space where the headline should be. So, when you next log into your blog, check to make sure each post has a title.

To see a little video of how to add a title to a post after the post has been published, take a look at this screencast.

And now, on with the list...

Adam's Fun with Photoshop

Almost Always Happy

Analog Divide


Baking Lady

BG Baker

Biblio Blogarama




Boggled Mind Too

Book Diva Land

Book Marks

Cabbages & Kings


Catnip Cafe

Charming Lady

Cheryl's Posts [deleted by author]

Chick n Acq

Circulation Queen

CIRCus Animal [deleted by author]

CL Blog

Cloudless Morning

Corner View

Dark Chocolate

Dave's Raves

Debbie's Blog

Doozen's Blog

Dr. Kiko [deleted by author]


Epistelesslogical Rupture

Flying Keyboard

FortyPlus Foray

Free Fish

Garlic Eaters Anonymous

George Loves Carlotta

Gin's Bin

Golfbug Rose

Granny Corbett

Gudrun's Blog

Gus's Blog Bus

HR Assistant



I'll Keep You in Stitches

In the Spotlight

It's Never Too Late


Jim's 10 Things Blog

Jo's World of Learning

Karen's Best YS Blog Ever

Kate's Blog







Louise's Blog

Lover of Truthiness

Luba Wonderland

Mandy's Blah Blah Blog!

Marked Words

Matt's Musings

McGraths [deleted by author]

Me and Charlie

Mibrarian [deleted by author]


Mousing Around


Of Cows and Libraries

Os Tres Gatos

PaG's Library Blog

Pam-Kicking and Screaming

Pat on the Road


Photo Monkey

Political Perspectives

Ramblings of Talky Tina

Ricki's Picks

Rip Snorten

Risk to Blossom

Rocking and Reading with Babies

Rod Serling Fan

Roll Along Blog



Ruminations of BlogmesiterB

Russian Fun From Bobick

Rusty Trustee

Sage Susan's Stutter Steps

Second City

Sheila's Blog [deleted by author]


Sir Read a Lot

So You Really Want to Know?



Terry's Point

This Blog Seriously Rocks

This is Not Your Blog

This, That & Thoughts on Things





Utopian Library

Watchu Tinkin?

Wild Roses


YS Librarian


Anonymous said...

Hey, for staff members not wanting to remain anonymous, could we get the name of the person associated with each staff blog? Some are not so obvious esp. if you don't know the person. Just a thought.

The Skokie Ten said...

Hey Chris.

Yes, it would be helpful if we had a list that matched names with blogs. But that would be waaay to easy! The "About Me" section of each blog is the perfect space for staff to identify themselves. It's also be perfectly fine (and fun) to post a comment on a blog asking its author to share a little bit about him/herself (including a first name, or at least a hint).

Part of the 10 Things journey is to learn through our experience and questions (e.g., "Who's blog IS this?") by engaging in conversation and social networking.

That may not be the answer you want, but it's the answer we're giving! There will be no list :-)


Anonymous said...

okay :(

Camille said...

For anyone who might view this blog. Why do staff not put real names on their blogs? I can understand it if you're "out" in the blogosphere, commenting on lots of different topics. But this is for our library project. I personally don't want to comment to a nameless (therefore meaningless) blogger.

I know you responded to Chris' comment - just wanted to voice my feelings.


The Skokie Ten said...

Thanks for your comment, Camille. You make a very good point about namelessness and anonymity being a potential barrier to conversation. Anonymous bloggery could easily be interpreted as lacking credibility. Heck, we work in a library and encourage our patrons to use only credible sources. It's natural for us to expect that same credibility from blog authors.

Although the 10 Things is a library excercise, staff blogs are public in the blogosphere. Some people might not want to use their names and others are fine with disclosing their identity. It's up to the blog author whether s/he wants to use a true name. It's perfectly appropriate (and encouraged!) to ask the author's name in a comment if you want to know more about him/her.

Also, a blog name might not include any reference to its author, but posts and comments are "signed" with the user's Blogger name. For example, my comment here will be signed "the skokie ten" because that is the name associated with the account I am currently using. When I use my personal Blogger account, my comments are signed "Ruth." I've seen some staff blogs with playful titles and recognizable author names.

Thanks again for jumping in with your comment, Camille!